Dear Readers

Friday, June 24, 2011
to those who have been reading my blog, ever since the days im not in flying school, the days that im in it, and until today i would like to say thank you for having an interest to all the nonsense that i made up just to make a sentence become a paragraph. and at the same time i would like to apologize for my lack of updating. most of it because i dont have time or ideas to be constructed into a post. but to get things straight to the money, for now, i would like to share with you all my side-blog the reason i have this account is because suddenly i do feel the desire to blog and do something that i can share with you all in real time with a breeze, where uploading and creating posts is not a hassle. today, the growth of mobile technology and things ranging from gadgets, applications and other things are so fast that it has come to a point in which i would be completely unable to understand and function it properly all by myself. and one of the examples of those things are the sentence before this. because if i solely rely on this current platform that flightcast is on, i dont think im able to make much updates due to the reason that i need a computer everytime if i want to put something out.

so, by using my side-blog i will be updating it quite more frequently and surely it will consist more nonsense. dont worry this is not the end of flightcast. flightcast will still be here, but the contents will be more like a sort of summary for things that has been passing by me whereas the tumblr blog will be like bits and pieces of everything weird and cool and disgusting that i stumble upon my daily life. so do check it out if you still care and prepare to be overwhelmed of its immaturity and also the despair of its existence. thank you very much and have a pleasant weekend people.

Just Arrived

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
im in kota kinabalu at the moment. just arrived for a short stop before hitting the skies ( a good way) again tomorrow morning. im really at my worst right now because my body is still trying to re-configure its natural clock to make me living and sleeping like a normal person again. it took me almost an hour and a half to fall asleep last night at 11. the flight today was nice. clear skies wonderful weather, and everything seemed to fall into place quite well. im really looking forward for tomorrow's flight and i'll keep you all updated if i have time. for now i need to rest. yes i don't shower. it's me going green... literally.

Endorsement Flight

Saturday, June 11, 2011
These photos were taken last month. but i decided to put it up today since i have nothing to do and insomnia is beating the win out of me. apart from that, it really is obvious and you all can see that rather than paying attention to the things that i should be doing in-flight, i am busy snapping crappy photos. and why does everything that makes me feel good makes me feel bad? that question arise because of these photos. check it.

After a month

Monday, April 18, 2011
finally, i have finished the 737-800 conversion. did it on the 15th of april and nothing is more satisfying then to see some mixed emotions of neglect and despair that came from my friend's face right after when i asked him to take a photo of myself as above. stay tuned for more.

Quite Rad

Friday, April 15, 2011
a song that got stuck in my head for quite a while.